Introducing Pomegranate Juice Concentrate + the best purchase price

Introducing Pomegranate Juice Concentrate + the best purchase price

There is a sale of pomegranate concentrate for exportation with aseptic packaging in red and black
Fruit concentrates are typically packaged in high volumes and in aseptic bags, so it facilitates the work of importers
 Also, packaging in this way causes the concentrate to be exposed to less light and heat
After being transferred to the factories, the pomegranate is put into the slicing machine and then the grater, so that the grains are separated from the skin by the machine
The grains are then dehydrated in a pressing machine, being filtered by a rotary machine in the next stage
For starting the process of concentrating, pomegranate juice is put into the concentrator
The outcome is opaque concentrate
But in the production of transparent concentrate, following the above steps, the pomegranate juice passes through a device called ultrafiltration for purification, which results in a clearer and higher quality product
Factories also pack concentrate in aseptic bags to provide much better products in more hygienic conditions
This type of concentrate that is used for the production of juice, pomegranate paste, nectar, pomegranate sauce, jam, etc
is mainly sold to manufacturing plants

 Introducing Pomegranate Juice Concentrate + the best purchase price

Pomegranate is a kind of fruit that we are all familiar with its nutrients and minerals
It is significant to be mentioned that there are different types of pomegranates and they are concentrated for the needs of different industries and marketplaces
Pomegranate concentrate manufactured in Iran is exported to other countries significantly because it is of high quality and affordable price
Of course, pomegranate concentrate is also very tasty and is used to prepare a variety of juices
The properties of pomegranate concentrate are:

It is considered to increase the health of human skin
It is considered an enhancer of the strengthening system in the body
It ensures heart health
It lowers blood cholesterol in the body
It is one of the best sources of antioxidants

Importing Pomegranate Concentrate from Iran

Importing concentrate must be considered based on some reasons and factors, but you might wonder what the benefits of importing pomegranate concentrate are from Iran and why there are huge prospects, particularly demanding the Persian pomegranate juice concentrate in global markets
Pomegranate is harvested every year from pomegranate orchards in Iran in winter and autumn, and since it is possible to prepare natural pomegranate juice in other seasons in which the fruit is not possible to be grown, so it is pureed to be used throughout the year using this method
It is also possible to export pomegranate concentrate due to the many problems that exist in the transportation of pomegranate juice
Therefore, to export more of the product, they use pomegranate concentrate to significantly reduce transportation costs with fewer problems, making more profit in the pomegranate trade

Selling Pomegranate Concentrate in Bulk

The process of selling always requires following some steps
If customers want to buy pomegranate concentrate in bulk, they need to know that in the world of the Internet, the best pomegranate concentrate in terms of quality is offered by Iranian manufacturers
The goal for sourcing and supplying the Iranian concentrate in the global market is that people in the world can taste and experience a different quality

 Introducing Pomegranate Juice Concentrate + the best purchase price

For those customers who want to re-export pomegranate concentrates by trading them, the price is extremely cheap and rational and also suitable for the consumer’s country
The secret to the success and survival of any business is in customer orientation – putting the needs of the customer over the needs of the business-and constant availability is the first condition for the success of online sellers
Direct sales from the factory doors are one of the principles that have been provided for all customers so that each buyer can access the best type of pomegranate concentrate with quality assurance

Exporting Pomegranate Concentrate to Neighboring Countries

When it comes to exporting pomegranate concentrate, the markets that appear to be the first importers are neighboring countries, because the cost of transportation is absolutely low
 There is a very huge market for pomegranate concentrate products in Iran, which has caused a significant amount of Iranian pomegranate concentrate to be purchased annually from the producer for export to its neighboring countries such as Oman, the UAE, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, and other Asian and European countries and used for this purpose
Iran is a country that produces over eight hundred thousand tons of high-quality pomegranates; therefore, it is able to produce a variety of pomegranate concentrate every year
All of these have been able to be done thanks to technology and knowledge
Iran has the capability to package this pomegranate product in a standard way that is accepted by the world’s regulations in order to export it to many countries such as Korea, Russia, Italy, and so on
One of the factors in reducing blood pressure is the daily consumption of pomegranate juice
It is also consumed to prevent many other problems in the human body

 Introducing Pomegranate Juice Concentrate + the best purchase price

Countries Importing Pomegranate Concentrate from Iran

There are some countries that have been importing pomegranate concentrate from Iran over the last decades
Such countries are completely familiar with the manufacturers in Iran, contemplating all procedures of trading and transporting
Since the Iranian producer has put his efforts into practice to offer its best quality, it is one of the most significant options for businesspeople of any country to consider it seriously and meticulously
The list of the importing countries is being updated every day, and more and more countries are being added to the list
The following list just names some of those countries: South Korea, Russia, Thailand, Canada, India, and Australia

Turkey Welcomes Iranian Pomegranate Concentrate

Turkey, among the neighboring countries, has always been one of the most active importers from Iran, warmly welcomed by Iranian pomegranate concentrate manufacturers
The higher the quality is, the more customers will show their alacrity towards the market
In the production stages of concentrate, choosing the type of fruit and its quality is one of the most important and sensitive stages, because the stricter and more careful we are in choosing the fruit, the better the quality of the concentrate produced will be
Although preparing pomegranate concentrate from a high-quality fruit increases the price of its concentrate, in the opinion of buyers, this has been justified and surely the acceptance rate is high
We proudly announce that our company has been producing, manufacturing, supplying, and distributing the best types of fruit concentrate that are considered by many companies and factories

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