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Due to the increase of FMCG popularity in the past years, fruits concentrate and fruits puree took their critical role among these types of products. Ramis Fruit Company is established in 2017 to provide high-quality concentrate fruits products locally and meet global needs. RFC is a leading center of fruits market network and in touch with best farmers in the country has suitable advantage of producing high-quality products. We get GMP for Ramis and our concentrate and Puree producing based on CODEX STAND 247. This factory production capacity is 7000 tons per year now. Moreover, we are providing our products with high-quality and at competitive price.

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The word “concentrate” means a concentrated form of a substance or a substance whose water is squeezed under pressure. Considering its use in the food industry, fruit concentrate is a substance that has dense compounds of one or more types of other substances, and in other words, a substance in which most of its components and solvent or water have been removed. By taking water from a solution or substance, for example, taking the water in fruit juice and turning it into powder or extract, fruit concentrate or other food products are obtained.

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