Pineapple Juice Concentrate purchase price + Quality test

Pineapple Juice Concentrate purchase price + Quality test

Pineapple is among the most attractive fruits around the world; therefore, it has affected the industry of pineapple juice concentrate

The main question that appears is how to concentrate is made from pineapple

In the following paragraph, we will name the whole procedure of concentrating on this unique product

Washing and Peeling the Pineapple: In the first stage, it needs to be washed and the surface must be cleaned from any dirt

The peeled pineapple is put into a juicer

A filter is used to eliminate other impurities from the remains

Degassing is put into practice at a vacuum of 64 to 87 kPa

The juice is supposed to be sterilized at a temperature of 91-95 ˚C

The sterilized pineapple juice is then cooled using an exchanger

After that, Sodium Benzoate is added to the substance
When the level of sugar reaches 60%, it can be made out

In the last stage, the containers must be cleaned from any external dirt and the product must be cooled enough to be put into the containers

 Pineapple Juice Concentrate purchase price + Quality test

Largest Producer of Pineapples

Pineapple is one of the fruits that can be eaten in cans

Lack of planting everywhere, different shapes, and special tastes are among the things that make them a different fruit

This fruit is native to the tropical regions of the Americas

Today, due to suitable climatic conditions, it is widely produced in some parts of Asia

Interestingly, in the Philippines, its prickly leaves are utilized to make fibers that are being used in the production of fabrics

This fruit has a lot of nutrients and minera
Ripe pineapple fruit contains the following vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Group B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citric acid, and malic acid

In addition to them, raw and ripe pineapple fruit contains a proteolytic enzyme called bromelain, first discovered and introduced in the year 1981

It is mainly extracted from the bottom of the stem because the substance abounds there

 Pineapple Juice Concentrate purchase price + Quality test

Getting to know the nutritional value and various flavors of pineapple has caused its cultivation and exportation a trade with a good annual turnover in the world trade

In the meantime, you may be interested in knowing the largest pineapple growers in the world

Costa Rica – Global Market Share: 10
Brazil – Global Market Share: 10%
The Philippines – Global Market Share: 9
Thailand – Global Market Share: 8
Indonesia – Global Market Share: 7

Pineapple Exporting Countries

In this section, we are going to assess the countries actively working in the field of exporting pineapple juice concentrate

In the year 2020, not-fermented pineapple juice concentrate ranked the world’s 2510th most traded commodity

Between the years 2019 and 2020, the exports of the product had a growth of 12

Trading the non-fermented pineapple juice concentrate represents 0
0034% of the world trade

As mentioned in the previous section, some countries are among the leading exporters of pineapple in the world

In the year 2020, Costa Rica was the biggest and the largest exporter of non-fermented pineapple juice concentrate with a share of 120 million dollars

 Pineapple Juice Concentrate purchase price + Quality test

The next two standing on the list are the Netherlands with 107 million dollars and Thailand with 67
5 million dollars

According to the statistics provided by OEC, the average tariff for the non-fermented pineapple juice concentrate was 10
7% through the HS6 classification of products

Pineapple Packaging

One of the factors determining the quality of the trade and commerce in the pineapple industry is how it is packaged

For the process of exportation, based on international standards, the pineapple concentrate must be packaged in aseptic 265-kg barrels

So, it facilitates the procedure of transportation and reduces the costs, as well

It is worth mentioning that the packaging is transparent and it expires after 2 years of production; hence that’s why the acceptance is more than any other form of it

Also, the barrel must be cleaned and sterilized from any dirt

 Pineapple Juice Concentrate purchase price + Quality test

Best Pineapple Juice Brand

There are so many brands specifically working on fruit juice concentrate products, but one might ask what the criterion is for picking up the best type of pineapple juice

It is sometimes hard and confusing to analyze the features a good juice concentrate product does have

In this part, you will get acquainted with three of the most well know pineapple juice brands around the world

DOLE: DOLE plc is an American-Irish company actively manufacturing, supplying, and distributing different kinds of fruits and vegetables
The company provides packaged natural pineapple concentrate

Lakewood Organic: The company has been manufacturing fresh fruit concentrate for three generations in Miami
The company has defined its mission in this way: sourcing and supplying the best quality of that

RW Knudsen: Knudsen & Sons, Inc was founded in 1961, committing to producing more than 100 types of natural, organic, and fresh fruit juice concentrates

 Pineapple Juice Concentrate purchase price + Quality test

Our Company as a Huge Supplier

Over the last few years, our company has attempted so hard to be known as a huge producer, manufacturer, exporter, and distributor of pineapple juice concentrate in the region

Working in a competitive market, the company has attracted a lot of attention from so many customers and consumers from Africa, Europe, Asia, and some parts of America

The customers almost always ask for organic pineapple juice concentrate, and since the climate conditions are extraordinary in Iran, it is convenient for them to place their orders from Iranian companies, especially our company

Our company, equipped with professional technicians and experts, are always ready to contact the customers, giving them the specifications and documents required during the process, and giving the information needed

 Pineapple Juice Concentrate purchase price + Quality test

Our company, compared to other companies in the region, or maybe in the world, possesses the most logical prices due to the inexpensive costs in production

Also, the unique packaging, the quick and secure transportation, and the services have made our company the first option for international businesspeople when it comes to the fruit industry

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