The Best Apple Juice Concentrate + great purchase price

The Best Apple Juice Concentrate + great purchase price

Some people might wonder what an apple juice concentrate is and why it is produced
Before discussing the use of apple concentrate in the food industry, it is important to have a better understanding of the word “concentrate”
The word is literally meant 1
A concentrated form of material and 2
A substance whose water or liquid is removed under pressure
Based on the literal meaning of the word, concentrate is a substance that has dense and rich compounds
In other words, concentrate is a solid substance that most of its water and solvents have been eliminated
It is considerable to state that concentrate can be prepared in various forms such as puree and extract
Some nutrients are the components of concentrate such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phosphorus, and calcium

 The Best Apple Juice Concentrate + great purchase price

Through the process of apple concentration, the water is taken out and the effective ingredients are left
Hence, the volume and weight significantly come down, the substance is about 3 to 7 times thicker than the original form
As a result, it is affordable to be transported and also exported to different countries
The concentrate used in the food industry is processed through the stages of preparation, washing, dehydration, purification, filtration, concentration, cooking or storing fruit in tanks, and preparing it for consumption
One of the most important applications of apple concentrate is its use for making ice cream
According to the standards, 12 percent of ice cream must be made of fruit concentrate

Apple Concentrate in Asia

There are some significant factors for the remarkable growth in the use of apple concentrate in the world, particularly in Asia
Over the last few decades, the rate of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and heart stroke, along with unhealthy eating habits have encouraged people to turn into using more organic, healthy, and natural food in the world
In the year 2018, Asia Pacific was the biggest and the largest fruit concentrate market
According to the statistics, China has been dominating the market internationally
Increased demands for healthy and natural food have determined the needs of the market
It is estimated that Pacific Asia is one of the fast-growing marketplaces in the fruit concentrate industry

 The Best Apple Juice Concentrate + great purchase price

Middle-East and Africa Fruit Concentrate Market

It is expected that Middle-East and Africa Fruit Concentrate Market grows to reach 3
55 million dollars by the year 2026
Since the Middle East and Africa have so many empty lands, they are capable of planting fruits in vast amounts

 The Best Apple Juice Concentrate + great purchase price

Apple concentrate is widely used in the food industry in the marketplaces of these two regions
Iran, one of the leading countries in the middle east, is a huge producer, manufacturer, supplier, and distributor in the region

Fruit Juice Consumption in the Russian Federation

The Russian Federation is one of the biggest importers and consumers of fruit juice concentrate from Iran
The export of Iranian yellow apple concentrate is of interest to many Russian companies and traders
Due to the strong political and commercial relationships between these two countries, Russia needs to import the Iranian concentrate for its various and high uses

 The Best Apple Juice Concentrate + great purchase price

The main concentrate products in Russia are used in the following cases:

Producing non-carbonated natural juice
Producing carbonated natural juice
Producing alcoholic beverages
Producing flavored products

Russian traders are very sensitive to the quality of the product and the time of delivery
Among the most important reasons or factors for Russians to import apple concentrate from Iran, the price is highly important

Apple Concentrate Packaging

Most of the exported apple concentrate is shipped in metal barrels with aseptic packaging
Each pallet contains a metal barrel and is transported in a refrigerated container of apple concentrate with a Brix level of 68 to 70
The main conventional packaging in Europe for export concentrate is in the following types:

Tin fruit concentrate in 4, 12, and 25-liter weights
Fruit concentrate in a metal barrel with aseptic bag packaging
Gallon packaging in 4, 12, 25, 75, and 150-liter weights
Fruit concentrate in a wooden bowl
Apple concentrate in a metal tanker

 The Best Apple Juice Concentrate + great purchase price

In the world today, apple concentrate is used for easier production, which in the past was much more difficult for the producer
In general, fruits such as apples are used in the following cases: Export and consumption of fresh apples Production of apple puree and apple concentrate

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