Fresh Kiwi Puree in Bulk

Since kiwi puree and concentrate are used today in the preparation of various desserts and ice creams, major buyers of this product can buy the best fruit puree in bulk through various centers such as authorized agencies of fruit puree companies, reputable distribution companies and also, online systems should buy this product.

Fresh Kiwi Puree in Bulk

3 Main Kinds of Kiwi Fruits

3 Main Kinds of Kiwi Fruits It is egg-shaped and a medium kiwi is 8.5 cm long and 5.5 cm wide. The skin of the kiwi fruit is brown and the flesh is green, and the best place to grow kiwi is the city of Talesh in northern Iran. This fruit has many properties and can be the best choice for treating frustration. Kiwi is a flowering plant and belongs to the hedgehog group. The variety of kiwi fruit is very high and this product is sold in three main samples:

  1. Iranian green kiwi
  2. golden kiwi fruit
  3. hayward kiwi fruit

When fruits such as first-class yellow and green kiwis are compressed and their internal water is completely depleted, their water and raw materials are separated by the process of pureeing, thus producing lighter weight products.

Therefore, it should be noted that the best kiwi concentrate, because it is prepared from fresh and very healthy fruits, and its product method is completely machine-made, the results of these compounds with a concentration are determined. Concentration that has many benefits. On the packages that offer these products, information is recorded, one of which is related to the degree of concentration.

This percentage is very high and unrivaled among other products, and this result is the result of preparing them with completely standard and approved methods. It should also be noted that this degree of concentration is about many times more than the liquids obtained from these products, and ultimately give more nutritional value to consumers.

What are the 7 Major Health Benefits of Kiwi?

What are the 7 Major Health Benefits of Kiwi? Kiwi fruit for babies It also brings great properties and benefits to adults, in a way that is now referred to as the king of fruits, and nutritionists believe that to create a healthy diet, this fruit must be used throughout the day. The most important properties and benefits of kiwi fruit, also known as Chinese gooseberry, can be mentioned as follows:

  1. Reducing high
  2. blood pressure
  3. Prevention of heart disease
  4. Skin and hair health
  5. Insomnia treatment
  6. Treatment of diabetes
  7. Gastrointestinal improver

In addition to the above, organic kiwi peel contains higher amounts of fiber and vitamin C, which is useful for treating cardiovascular disease, strengthening the immune system, treating constipation and preventing colds and flu.

Kiwi fruit is an excellent source of omega 3, magnesium, vitamin E and copper, which can reduce the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Kiwi is high in potassium and fiber, which reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering high blood pressure and lowering blood fats.

Juicy Green Kiwi Puree Wholesale

Juicy Green Kiwi Puree Wholesale The supplier of kiwi puree concentrate intends to offer different types of these apple samples, each of which has a specific weight, special design in packaging and different degrees of concentration, to Iranians and perhaps many foreign enthusiasts, and to increase the fans of Iranian products.

The taste and type of aroma of each of the puree created healthy is very different because they are prepared from a variety of colorful apples with different properties, and for this reason, the distribution of each of the mentioned items is desired by a specific group of consumers.

In recent years, concentrate production in Iran has grown significantly; However, the existence of sanctions has made it possible to export only to Middle Eastern and Asian countries, and Iranian producers can not move outside the borders of this continent.

But in general, the production of concentrate, despite its troubles and problems, has a very good quality and even some of the foreign samples are of better quality. Domestic samples of concentrate are more expensive than foreign samples, which is the reason for the quality and problems of lack of raw materials and the existence of a free and black market in Iran. Most concentrate imports in Iran are made by Chinese and Turkish countries.

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