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Fruit concentrate brix, or brix in general, is a measure of the amount of solids in a sample or solution relative to the total weight of the solution. Soluble solids in different industries are mostly the same amount of sugar or sucrose in a solution. Brix is ​​the English term Brix, which is abbreviated as BX in units of measurement. The degree of brix represents the weight percentage of solids in a solution relative to the total weight of the solution, or in other words, the weight percentage of solids in solution. One degree of brix is ​​equivalent to 1 gram of sucrose or sugar in 100 grams of solution. For more information about fruit concentrate wholesalers in 2020, visit our site.


is fruit concentrate healthy for you?

is fruit concentrate healthy for you? In general, the production of fruit concentrate includes the following different steps: Fruit preparation Wash Juice Filtration (at least in two stages), Deaeration Conversion Storage of concentrate in large tanks Concentrate Fruit concentrate is the result of buying fruit and washing, dehydration and filtration (at least in two stages) and concentrating or cooking fruit juice and storing it in large tanks. In this process, the fruit enters the filtration stage after dehydration. These filters are generally either vacuum or act ceramically.

After the preliminary heating, the fruits are put into a press machine to separate the fruit juice. After pasteurization and cooling, the resulting juice is transferred to juice tanks and after special steps and passing through special filters, it is clarified, then transferred to vacuum devices for concentration and then the fruit juice in the form of a thick substance. It turns like honey, which is called fruit concentrate. The concentrate is stored in tanks or barrels and then used to produce juice. Concentrate is usually formed by taking the water in a solution and taking the water in the juice and turning it into a powder or extract. Juice is generally obtained as follows: first prepare the fruit and then wash and squeeze it, which separates the water from the fruit tissue.

This process can be done manually or industrially. To preserve the juice, it is often changed. In this way, it is resistant to microbiological spoilage and chemical changes and its volume is reduced. Concentrated juice is used later in the preparation of juice. In this regard, there are three methods of concentration as follows: Concentration by thermal method Concentrate by freezing Reverse Osmosis Concentration The most common of these methods are evaporation, or in other words thermal condensation. To produce fruit juice, depending on the concentration of fruit concentrate, water, perfume, odor, essential oil and lost vitamins are added and packaged. In a variety of concentrates that are packaged aseptically, sterilization is also performed. For more information about best fruit concentrate, visit our site.

fruit concentrate wholesalers in Asia

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