Fruit puree supply market

There is no doubt that eating a variety of fruits has a significant impact on health and wellness. For this reason, eating fruit is just as important for children as it is for adults. Children should also eat 2 to 5 servings of fruit a day, as this food group provides part of their mineral and antioxidant needs. Fortunately, because most fruits are colorful and delicious and have a sweet taste, they are a favorite of most children. Therefore, according to the vitamin, mineral properties and age needs of the child, they can be easily included in the child’s diet, but the point is that the consumption of this food group among children should be accompanied by principles to be a problem for children with sensitive digestive systems. Do not create. For more information about Fruit puree supply market, visit our site.

Fruit puree supply market

What fruits can be pureed?

What fruits can be pureed? Due to the fact that iron deficiency anemia is one of the nutritional problems of children and one of the main reasons is the use of improper diet, choosing the right snack such as fruit puree can increase iron intake. The best time to eat fruit puree is when the baby’s stomach is empty. In addition, the best time to eat fruit puree is for breakfast. Except for breakfast, snacks are the best time to use fruit puree. Remember that when eating fruit puree between snacks, be careful about the time spent on the main meal and at least 90 to 120 minutes away from the main meal.

For children who go to kindergarten, eating fruit purees such as apples can also be very helpful in compensating for low blood sugar. In this way, it helps their learning power and they play more cheerfully. The best fruit that can be included in a baby’s diet in the first few weeks of complementary feeding is dilute juice, which gradually increases in concentration. In the case of vegetables, it is better to start feeding with carrot juice mixed with apple juice. Gradually, as the baby gets older, the fruits can be added to the baby’s diet in the form of puree and then in small pieces in the process of increasing chewing and swallowing. The last fruit to be included in the process is citrus fruits, as citrus fruits may be allergenic.

The only choice among citrus fruits is fresh lemon juice, which is less sensitive than other citrus fruits. Fruit consumption is not exactly the same among children or adults. At one year of age, a child receives 1,000 kcal per day, and for each year, 100 kcal is added to his energy intake, of which 50 to 60% of this energy should come from compound sugar sources, 15 to 20% from proteins and the rest from fats. Be provided. Therefore, part of the sugar intake can be given to the child in the form of fruit puree. However, the consumption of fruit should be such that the child does not get into trouble. It is important to avoid giving new products to children as spraying may not be done properly and may cause poisoning. For more information about fruit puree suppliers, visit our site.

Fruit puree supply centers

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