Manufacturers of pomegranate concentrate

It is always important for the domestic producer of pomegranate concentrate to gain the export market of this product. Since the producer’s focus is on the best quality of production, expecting to gain more value-added markets is the most important option for any country’s merchant. Pomegranate concentrate is being exported to other countries and is also being developed.

Manufacturers of pomegranate concentrate

Production stages of pomegranate concentrate

Production stages of pomegranate concentrate In the first stage of juice production and pomegranate concentrate, after receiving the pomegranate, the fruits are washed. In the next step, the pomegranates are pushed into the pomegranate seeders by the lifters, which are responsible for separating the skin from the seeds.

Pomegranate peel is removed from the machine and transferred to the production hall for further processing. The grains are guided to the storage tank by a monopop located below each of the grains.

The grains are then pumped into two presses from under the tank by a mono pump. The presses are tubular and prevent the core from breaking, in other words, they are not able to break the core, so pomegranate juice retains its natural flavor.

After dewatering, the seeds are removed from the production hall by two spiral conveyors as waste for further processing.

Pomegranate juice enters the pasteurization stage after initial filtration by the vibrator.

In this system, pomegranate juice is heated by indirect steam to 80-90 degrees Celsius and then the temperature is reduced to 35 degrees Celsius by the cooling tower.

The pasteurized product is transferred to the clarification tanks for enzymes. After quality control, filtration is performed. The filtration set includes the Gazelle Gore system.

Manufacturers of pomegranate concentrate in 2020

Manufacturers of pomegranate concentrate in 2020 These days, many are claiming wholesale concentrates because pomegranate concentrate benefits is very , so be sure to check out the following tips on buying and selling pomegranate concentrates:

There are many illegal pomegranate concentrate sellers, who are perhaps the most famous juice makers themselves. Some of the profiteers are promoting pomegranate-flavored pomegranate concentrate with some types of cherry concentrate, plum concentrate, dye and citric acid, and lemon essence, and so on.

The price of some called the sale of cheap export pomegranate concentrate compared to our variety of pomegranate concentrate is a reason for progress.We customize pomegranate concentrate in our factory. The quality of our first and last principle.

The price of pomegranate concentrate juice fluctuates depending on the export orders of pomegranate concentrate.The optical packaging of our pomegranate concentrate has a qualitative expiration date of 2 to 3 years in cold weather.Pomegranate paste is also one of the best-selling products along with our pomegranate concentrate.

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