Pure Apple Juice Concentrate Suppliers

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Pure Apple Juice Concentrate Suppliers

What are the Differences Between Fruit Juice and Fruit Juice Concentrate?

What are the Differences Between Fruit Juice and Fruit Juice Concentrate?

90 Percentage of juice is water. When most of the juice is separated from the juice, a thick syrup called concentrate is obtained. Isolation of water also slows down the growth of bacteria and slows down the decay of the product, so they are easier to store and transport. But the methods of operation and processing are different. Most concentrates are filtered, evaporated, and pasteurized, but some of them are made using additives. Juice concentrates are frozen in stores in two ways or sold at room temperature. For this purpose, they must be diluted in water before consumption.

Apple juice concentrate and apple juice are different in many ways. Apple juice concentrate is a by-product of apple juice. It is a versatile material with a neutral color and taste. It is used as a sweetener or to enhance other fruit properties in jams, candies, fruit snacks, fresh frozen foods, jellies, sauces, and beverages. Apple juice concentrate is used in a variety of industrial products while apple juice is not to be used in them. Juice Drinks, Fruit Smoothies, mixed Flavored drinks, Tea, ice Cream, Juices, Fruit flavored sorbents, confectionery applications Jams, jellies, sauces and glazes, pies and bakery products.

During the fruit harvest season, the fruits are transported to the concentrate production unit and after extracting their water, a large part of their water is evaporated in a vacuum and low concentration temperature using a special device called the evaporator.

The design of these processes and devices is in a way that they have the least destruction in nutrients and taste. Concentrated juices are stored at a temperature of about minus 18 degrees Celsius in factory refrigerators. In this way, they will be protected against microbial spoilage and chemical changes. The concentrate is later used in the preparation of juices, beverages, and nectars.

Apple Juice Concentrate Ingredients Chart

Apple Juice Concentrate Ingredients Chart The first ingredient in apple juice concentrate is apple juice. Even though the breakthrough in the food industry has let us retain most of the natural ingredients of the concentrates, removal of some natural ingredients is inevitable. Because some vitamins may be removed during processing, some vitamins may be added back to the water during extra processing.

Ascorbic acid is a synthetic or man-made vitamin C that function as a natural material in human body. The sour taste that is experienced when biting a crispy apple is due to a substance called malic acid. While processing fruit juices, they lose some of their flavors. By adding malic acid to the juice, the familiar taste of an apple tart is replaced by lowering the ph.

Apple concentrate is a widely used substance in the food industry. Apple concentrate contains many compounds that are used to treat various diseases. Therefore, daily consumption of apples and their products has good effects and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. You all have heard the the saying ” an apple a day keep doctors away.

Powdered Apple Juice Concentrate Manufacturer

Powdered Apple Juice Concentrate Manufacturer Our factory is producing powdered concentrated apple extract with the most strict health standards. The bulk sale of apple concentrate is offered in various packages. Our experts at our leading company are eager to keep you up to date with the latest information on our quality products. If you wish, put your contact information on our website so that our sales managers and production experts can contact you during business hours. We offer free consulting services. Do not hesitate to find out about our best products.


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