Real Green Apple Puree Exporters

This agency provides you with the best green apple puree at a fair price in different and standard packages. Apples are one of the most delicious fruits. It has a juicy and delicate pulp and a pleasant aroma. Fruits can even be pureed from 7 months of age as the baby’s first complementary food. Apple puree can be prepared from fresh fruits and tasted there, or you can prepare it for later use.

Real Green Apple Puree Exporters

13 Astounding Health Benefits of Green Apples

13 Astounding Health Benefits of Green Apples Green apple benefits؛

  1. Green apple juice, due to its high levels of antioxidants, can protect the liver against free radicals that are harmful to the liver. This causes the liver to function properly and become safe against various liver diseases.
  2. According to researchers, green apples can be useful in preventing heart disease and stroke. Drinking a glass of green apple juice or eating its fruit can help improve your health.
  3. Because green apple juice is rich in a variety of vitamins; And one of these vitamins is vitamin A, which can strengthen and improve your eyesight.
  4. Green apple juice contains large amounts of calcium, which is vital for the health and strength of bones and teeth. Everyone, especially postmenopausal women, should include green apple juice in their diet to prevent osteoporosis.
  5. One of the vitamins in green apples is vitamin C, which can fight free radicals that damage skin cells and therefore reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  6. Green apple juice is rich in fiber, fiber can cleanse organs such as liver, kidneys and digestive system from all waste products and toxins. Fiber can treat digestive disorders such as constipation. It also reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  7. Green apple juice is rich in various vitamins. Another of these vitamins is vitamin K, which can help blood clots in addition to better wound healing. Women who have very heavy menstrual periods can control their bleeding by drinking green apple juice.
  8. One of the properties of green apple is its astringent properties, which can relieve diarrhea, vomiting and heartburn. Green apples can improve the nausea caused by heatstroke. In addition, in traditional medicine, this fruit is used to treat fever and strengthen the stomach.
  9. Green apples can increase calorie burning and thus help you achieve your proper weight. To do this, it is enough to eat one green apple daily on an empty stomach.
  10. Prevents the formation of dental plaque
  11. Skin radiance
  12. Coping with premature aging

How Long does Green Apple Puree Last?

How Long does Green Apple Puree Last? The apple puree shelf life of home-made apple is three months if stored in glass containers and refrigerated, but the shelf life of apple puree prepared in the company factory is six to twelve apple nutrition is very prominent

Put hot apple puree in prepared sterilized jars, wrap with a metal lid. Store in a dark place in a cool place … ideal storage. Apple puree can be used as a standalone dish or as an additive to pancakes, rolls, bread. Also used as a filler for baking – cookies, pies and so on. It is used to make marshmallows and jams, sweet sauces, add to cheese, yogurt, ice cream. In general, the range of such products is very wide. At the same time, chopped apple pulp normalizes the body’s need for vitamins and minerals, normalizes the digestive system, and helps restore the body’s immunity.

Green Apple Puree Distribution Center

Green Apple Puree Distribution Center The purchase of original and exported green apple puree is done with the lowest price and the highest quality. The distribution center offers all kinds of exported apple puree to the customers recently. Offers to all customers. Purchasing apple puree fruit in all parts of the country is possible with prior order. This product is sold in different sizes and in standard packages, as well as in kilograms and in bulk at a very reasonable price and daily rate. These high quality pureed fruits are prepared from the highest quality grade of fertilizers, seeds and raw materials and using the most standard methods of planting, care and pureeing under the supervision of agricultural engineers with the mark of health and health apples.

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